Essentially, mothers are the CEO of the family, without pay or benefits, but we don’t proudly say we’re stay at home moms because there’s such a negative stigma attached.
As a mother of 4 and owner of two startups (although we old fogies simply thought we were “starting…
Heidi George

Heidi George ,

Not only are the stay at home mothers not paid at that time, they are worth very very little during the retirement years.

Social Security shunned me , I was short one credit hour ( period) and could not receive a disability because. I mostly stayed at home with my children .

So , I at least gave a few hours of volunteer work helping the little ones that had working mommies.

No regret, I was very limited with my time, I was not well.i did what I could and left when I had to leave.

Its really hard to think that a country has no value for women that stay home and raise children.

One compensation is SAHM( stay at home moms ) rarely need to buy a ton of nice clothes. The little ones really don’t care if your all Aeropostaled up . Funny, I never felt looked down upon, I loved my job!

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