Hi Susan Christiana,

Hello alto ,

Here’s my story.

I appreciate every answer I receive here on MEDIUM.

I’m learning so much here but I have to say I don’t think I’m smart enough ( maybe I should give myself a little credit )because … just because I guess .

I have enjoyed both of your writings ( you and Mike Essig and your opinions . There are times I need to read them over and over again to comprehend what’s being said.

I’m really a sincere person, and I truly didn’t know what PC meant. I’ll check the story out you sent me here, I’m always ready to learn.

I’m thinking I should stay off commenting , but all of you in my group are so interesting , I lost one friend here I thought so much of, I can’t figure out why . She refuses to acknowledge ( I have commented and asked in my own way ) it makes one feel less valuable . But she also has medical issues. I’ll extend an Olive Branch eventually.

O heck, I’m off subject. Sorry

Sorry, thank you for your perspective.

Hint to Thin Man , your a tough cookie Mister! ( in regards to being hard to understand )it’s your brilliance sir.

But your not alone … way to many to mention!

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