When buying his ticket he agreed to a level of service and comfort and made a transaction based on this.
In the end he didn’t cheat anybody because he got caught.

Hiong , your right . I stand corrected.

I want to ask you a question if you don’t mind.

We had attended a NY YANKEE baseball game awhile back. It was a blistering hot day.

We were seated in full sun directly in an area in which it wasn’t possible to avoid the horrendous rays beating down on us.

I left the guys and decided to go in doors. I’d have to miss the game because of peon tickets ( you know the cheaper version of business class) even though I paid a price for a seat.

Now we approached officials as to whether I could possibly sit in a shaded area ( I have seizure issues, and the heat complicates my health) I’m on two seizure meds.

Do you think that having so many seats not being used that some concession could have been made?

Some rules are made to be broken!

You are right about CLASSASS though… I rethought my opinion, he should have asked…and as you stated he didn’t cheat anyone , because he was caught.

And that’s another story folks, cause it’s all about who is caught and who is not!