“If Money weren’t an Issue,”

Susan Christiana
May 30 · 1 min read

Rusty Alderson , thank you for the great prompt…

Dennett and because you encouraged me,

Here goes.

Each store would know my name by heart,

Behind my back they’d talk, here comes that gal her pockets deep , none of which she’ll keep.

Not once has she passed someone up , her funds she gives away.

It’s only money anyway why keep it don’t delay.

She’s fine and dandy

Her bills are paid, her family fed her pets they want for nothing .

Yes, if money not an issue be

let’s spread it all around,

then every store will know your name , how about that?

Dennett ,

I think I should quit with my silly little ditties. You asked, I delivered reluctantly… 😂

    Susan Christiana

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