Parent maybe the only one directly responsible to speak up and educate … Even then, how exactly and when?
Ahaha, Susan Christiana , only you can find these ancient threads and bring them back to life!
Ivana Knezevic

Ivana Knezevic ,

To my first best buddy on Medium, you always know what to say, in every sentence.

So you weren’t a Parent? So , you have better advice than even I myself could give. If only every parent had the wisdom you possess.

Humm. And the parents of this Shut Up young man, they watched him do it, twice. I was shocked. I would have certainly pulled my sons away from that issue. A long talk would have evolved.

I know that concern you speak of, and the age “thingy” I’ve lived it. Do you remember a saying that goes I thought my dad an idiot, I was shocked how intelligent he became when I turned 25. At least those that have that in them🤔.

And , I do like to keep tabs on you, I love your stories, hence my butting in.

How’s your trip , are you enjoying?