Susan Christiana, this is a great piece of writing!
Ivana Knezevic

Ivana Knezevic ,

I love hearing this sincere bit of praise.

Who wouldn’t?

I have come to care for a lot of people here on Medium. You were one of the first that actually gave me corresponding answers,

Attention? Help? Guidance ( all the good human factors plus!)

Anyway ,I appreciated this.

BTW, I used the term short fallings because we all fall,

Some of us pick ourselves up!

In my Faith, Jesus came to sinners, didn’t He? We find Him in our due time, even though He holds us dearest to His ❤️.

Anyone that cares to judge let him be the first to see their own selfs . The sincerity you are experiencing through all of us ,is a refreshing truth.

Thats it Ivana.

THANK YOU AGAIN, now more great poetry please.