Ivana Knezevic

Ivana Knezevic ,you are a God send to me, I love all you have stated here.

We may have known each other , on perhaps a BFF wave level. Or some angelic atmosphere where we have had wonderful conversations and laughed till we cried about things of importance. Perhaps silly nonsense , I wish that was the case .

So… I’m thankful we connected in this REAL WORLD.

And I do have a very strong connection to my Maker! I’m thrilled you and I have similar thought patterns ( see I’m reaching out , we have a connection.)

Synchronicity !

You make me feel comfortable in this element of genuine intelligent writers . I once read that a person that has intelligence and /or money and makes even the lowest ( help me here I can’t express what I mean) anyway

That person -is a true form of class …

You my dear are a class act!

And the Blackened Chicken, we had it in Boston this weekend, someone I love is a fantastic cook . He will not relinquish that recipe????

Thanks so much for taking time to entertain me in true story form.


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