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j.s.lamb ,

If I didn’t know better I would swear we attended the same school, same era .

Do the good Sisters take lessons in behaviors , perhaps there is a pre- school learning the nuns attend .

Doppelgänger Sister School?

This wickedly good read has taken me back all the way to St. Stanislaus grade school, and my long term memory functions fabulously.

You nailed it J. S.

We , have stories to tell that would have those boushies turning over in their graves .

I mean no disrespect , they are funny stories and endearing to me. I didn’t participate in any serious infractions ( I did however laugh at all of them.)

Can you R.E.M. Going to Mass and someone started laughing? Of course Sister Sancta immediately put her chords in play ready for action. By that time 5 of us sitting in the immediate area panicked , or squeezed our noses to keep from laughing . I’d swear. AGAIN? I didnt swear then. Lol. I wounded if those good Sisters had a good laugh each night. Or a few swear words themselves. I have a few good friends that happen to be nuns over the years, they actually drink beer , they no longer use the whipping chords .

One particular incident comes to mind, Sister Antonelli had to step out of the class a few minutes,

Bad boy Joseph decided he would shoot a water pistol at second bad boy… he missed and hit the blackboard . Lol

No need to tell you Joseph didn’t get an amazing coat,

You guessed , three whacks with the ruler, he decided to pull away and Sister Antonelli accidentally hit her hand.😱

Joseph kneeled the rest of the day . I doubt he was saying any prayers, God rest Joseph’s soul.

He died in prison .

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