God, the janitor
Jonas Ellison

Jonas Ellison ,

I believe from grade school on I assigned all these thoughts to help myself, “you know using God as my fixer.”

At this stage of my life I didn’t need a heck of a lot of fixing , the prayers were tiny issues( help me be kind, let others be kind to me and mine etc.) I was being prepared!

Oh, was I being prepared!!!

I never blamed God when bad things happened- my free will caused issues keeping him at a distance.

I can only imagine this great Spiritual being standing back thinking Susan Susan???

I do think in general He was pleased with me, after all I am quick to Praise Him, always open to hear him ( Thank God my hearing loss doesn’t apply to His working in me.) and I am thankful when I am put in a path like your work that I know all will be good, if I allow Him into my heart!


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