However, we humans are pretty good at game-playing.
Jonas Ellison

Jonas Ellison ,

You write the most wonderful sensitive string of words put together, it fascinates me.

I wanted to relay a few thoughts at this point of your blog, I’m so thrilled I read the entirety of it first.

I could never turn love off when it happens. I believe that love is a gift we are given, it can be reciprocated , I could never turn it off. Sincerity , is one of the first ideals in my books as far as using the term

I love you!

If I’m being sincere , then it’s a lasting gift to those I gave it too.

No take backs ( my favorite childhood expression .)

What kind of person ( my thoughts, not for anyone else) would I be if I was frivolous with the most important gifts I possess .

You hit the nail on the head here friend.

Love is Patient , love is kind!

Anyone can check this out, if you know where to look.

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