I am grateful that it seems as if, sometimes, what I say might help another get through a difficult time, or open a door to a new way of looking at things.
Susan Christiana, I’m glad you believe I am sincere — thank you for understanding.
Judy Ann Giorchino

Judy Ann Giorchino , I’m so thrilled for an opportunity to interact with you here on Medium.

And my suspicion of you being so sincere is now confirmed.

I’m amazed at your lifestyle. I often think how cool it would be to have my husband and myself in this situation, the two of us being alone and in a mountainous area. The grandkids would be missed way to much though.

As a child my father was an inspector of forestry and water .We lived in the Endless Mountains of Pa. For two full weeks each year. I romanticized this atmosphere .

Between childhood and high school , My husband, my high school sweetheart , often had “highlights “ I’m not going to mention here! 😛. This made the mountains so much more desirable . Funny , add a friend, and it’s always better! He’s my best friend till this day , that was 1967. We married in 1970, still celebrating . Yeah , still 😉

All in all ,you and I have so much in common. You mention the Arts and reading , I’m presently reading “ And Then There Were None “ by Agatha Christie. I do have a wide range of interest in Authors. I love Broadway , and great music. We get there on and off .

I’m opened to any good suggestions, this book was one from my niece in high school. She comes daily and we have the greatest discussions. Anything from soup to nuts. She is presently applying to colleges , any would be lucky to have her.

Sorry I got off subject, you are really something leaving that lifestyle behind, with no regret. That really impressed me. I know you miss being young, they were the real golden years.

I hope we can continue to interact, I really enjoyed your story.

Thanks Judy Ann. Sorry I’m all over the page, it’s a medical issue, I’m doing better than I thought I could, all over the page. Lol

BTW, I love your picture, I was born in 1952, and we celebrated Easter with similar outfit and bonnet 7 years later. You look awesome!

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