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Larry Couch ,

I am always sincere. I loved this , the time you had taken to say all you did here means more than you can imagine. Although it was intended for someone else, i really loved the read.

Our beliefs are identical, I’m not as versed ( no where near) i appreciate what is said here .

The part about working always creates a guilt nudge in me.

My husband worked excessively, you know my story being i couldn’t go back. Actually i tried, i was a liability, and even as a Volunteer with children, with hospice, with sports boosters,and teaching CCD to kindergarten and First graders . I also do Communion to shut ins. I hope this doesn’t sound *bragging* not my intention — an explanation.

With each of these, i was anle to say i couldn’t do it when I became exhausted. Reasons that health issues exerted .

I was home raising 3 boys. But i knew i needed to give back to God. It was rewarding.

And i didn’t need the money, i am one that wants to live within our needs.

You help me understand a lot Larry. The Bible being explained in layman terms. I love that!



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