H. Nemesis Nyx

AH. Nemesis Nyx ,

Let me tell you, it was the summer of ‘69.

No hold on, it was 2012. I think .

Anyway, the liner to the pool was no longer holding its water. Just like me when I start coughing. Just teasing.

Being the pool had emptied ( almost completely ) I decide I was getting in to scrub the liner ( it had gotten scummy in the heat of that week)

Well, I get in ,hopping off the deck in 95• weather “hot as hell.” — scrubbing like a demon holding a pitchfork, in a most immodest apparel ( hot weather and I are not friends, call it dress down days.)

Without previous thoughts ,I had forgotten the steps were removed from the pool.

So here I am sweating unbelievably, no way to get out, no buoyancy to hop back up onto the deck, no one home to help me out , frustration set in.

I realized the local high school kids were letting out of school soon, surely one of my grandsons friends would come to my aid, I started waving the long handled leaf pole cleaner wildly trying to get attention. These kids start beeping and waving yelling hi Mrs. C . They thought I was swimming and waving to them. Only my head to shoulders were able to be seen. We live on an upgrade. The pool is above ground.

I’m screaming help me, help me. Finally a road crew a block away hear my pleas.

Yes pa lease. Finally . This skinny young kid comes over and said whats wrong?

How embarrassing, whats wrong?

Empty pools , hot 95 degree temps , and freeking get stuck in a pool without water. F O R. H O U R S !

All he could say was “sorry Mam.” as he pulled me onto the deck.

What a hero 👍🏻

Allow me to add, I’m not positive about the date this happened,but other than that, no fiction is involved here.
We no longer own the pool.😩 I miss it!
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