Michael Ramsburg ,

A really cool article appeared in our paper today about an artist and his affiliation with locally grown and harvested trees of Pa.

It was pertaining to a company that produces the wood cores of snowboards and ski equipment .

It mentions that the Gilson Farm located in the Appalachian foothills And their owner collaborated with a local artist Chet Davis for

Nick Gilson . He owns the ski and snowboard merchandise company.

The picture Davis painted branded “ The Kid” is an artistic rendition of the original “Billy the Kid” wanted poster. Clever , wanted ??? Makes me want to ski again!

The article reads that a handful of Artists around the world had their renditions featured in a special editions for Gilson’s hi- teck boards. Our local artist did very well.

I was fortunate too purchase a beautiful abstract painting that Chet Davis did in the 1980's.

I think his venue has changed a lot, I also think he’s quite good.

Painting by Chet Davis in the late 1980's. I loved the colors in the abstract , I had no idea how to explain what I thought , at that point my living was designed by this color theme.

I no longer use the painting ,his new designs are intricate, I am not. Ivana Knezevic, I know you love art. What do you think?

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