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Mike Essig , I graduated high school in 1970.

I remember the talk about this atrocity to the Vets during this time.

Most kids my age weren’t much into what had gone on , sad to say . I couldn’t understand why compassion wasn’t being shown. I was always one to respect and admire our soldiers. But I’m like that to all people . Grateful!

Let me tell you I wish it had been me to go . And I wouldn’t have been much good at this, but I’d care .

I hated when I heard negative talk about the war. I didn’t know much , I’m naive.

Today , perhaps after growing up some ( I was so freaking sheltered )

I care even more so .

I’m sorry you had to go

I’m sorry it was horrible

I’m sorry each time I realized what a mess war makes of men , and marriages and minds .

I’m just so sorry, I don’t think I can express it properly to make any difference!

The only thing that makes me feel a bit better is that I can pray for you and them , and Peace in our crazy world .

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