Food to avoid when you have thyroid problems
Nanusia Conquers

Nanusia Conquers ,

I have a son that has had thyroid cancer, he had his thyroid totally removed, had isotope radiation.

He is on Synthroid ( or generic ) for three years , still has exhaustions.

Recently , Someone suggested turmeric as a supplement, i believe its a liquid capsule. He’s losing weight quickly.

I really feel for anyone that has this disease, I have Hashimoto , i spent years totally exhausted. Couldn't lose a pound no matter how i tried.

Im also on two seizure meds. Your suggestions lead me to believe i may be eating a few things prepared in the wrong way. Plus i loved all the fruits you mentioned.

Ive been experiencing Low blood sugar episodes most often after i walk two miles, (i was an avid runner prior to 39 years of age. )

Or if i do strenuous work in my garden, usually i don’t know when to stop. I enjoy it so much. Then i suffer with low blood sugar episodes to the point of scary physical symptoms.

So i think ill give this new advice of yours my attention. It could be worth a try.

Thank you Nanusia.

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