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Not the case dear. I’m seeing and reading you.

You are very important to those that are following you , otherwise they wouldn’t.

I wish you could believe that there are good people out there that have concern , and compassion , and empathy.

Being here on Medium at least for me is to broaden my horizons and learn stories of others .

I could read newspapers , magazines or whatever , but the connection to real people wouldn’t be there.

Whether others try to conceal or fake their true self isn’t worth any effort I’d want to portray.

Why ? Why waste that time. If one wants to know the truth, be sincere. Otherwise your only hearing what said person wants to hear. My analogy of my concept here.

It would be like answering your own questions without regard to an honest critique.

I’m reading so many good writers ( and I trust that they are true to thine own self) actually I believe they are. I’m hoping you understand where I’m coming from, I am reading all your story not trying to think what I would mean … I’m reading your thoughts and perspectives. I believe in you , and I’m amazed at what you have been through and came out of.

You have so much to offer, please know there are sincere people out there.


You haven’t been in the right place at the right time !

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