The Power of RAW on iPhone, Part 1: Shooting RAW
Sebastiaan de With

Sebastiaan de With ,

Good read here, I have an IPhone 5.

Yes I know, time to upgrade, I am a photo fanatic. My one problem however is without being able to transfer 2899 pictures ( no computer) My phone isn't doing a great job.

I did edit a picture that I had written about with good results on this phone, I’m sure I could be doing much better with something newer.

At my age, I’m hard to deal with change.

My grandson tried transferring some onto someone else’s devise, I am afraid I wouldn’t have access too them.

I think the best solution would be getting a new phone??? And then go from there. I am getting aggravated each time the contraption tells me “out of space” at the most inopportune times.

P.S. lots of video’s also within it.😩

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