And hope you explore the hidey places and find special little houses that are simply Paintable!
How wonderful to hear from you, Susan Christiana!
Susan G Holland

Susan G Holland ,

What a wonderful thoughtful gift you express in this statement.

You made my day,

I’ll never experience Tuscany, the best I can do is through an occasional print I find that catches my eye.

Funny thing about this watercolor, I found it in a little town on our way to the Seneca Lake wine trail. Watkins Glen, on our way to Belhurst Castle near Geneva , NY.

Some of the little stops had art work for sale, this was mine without a doubt. I had to have it, and so , now I do.

My husband purchased it without me knowing. It was a 40.00 gift that made me cry. The significance behind the watercolor made it even more appealing to me.

A woman that painted it had the neatest background explanation of its where and why she did it.

It also stated she was a brain tumor survivor. As am I.

So… my detective instinct kicked in, at that time I was on FB. , I found her daughter. Her mother had passed, it was a treasure now, mine .

It was my passport to Italy. Tuscany the place I dreamed of seeing.

So, whoops there it is. I’m only sad I didn’t find her early enough to express my feelings , her daughter was thrilled I found her.

Surprises are cool , I love expressing appreciation!

Can you imagine in all our reading events, that 40 dollars could create such happiness. This was on back of the print.

Merry Christmas Susan to you and yours!