I am the person others look to when there is a crisis for direction and reassurance.
Rev… I have read many of your responses to others here and I’ve never found you to be rude or mean…

TeriJo ,

Ansolutely, this is my main impression of you ever since we connected on Medium.

Even though I am older than you( by lots) you were a very reassuring , comfortable person to give advice and all of it was very appreciated.

I was saddened to read of all the prior issues you had to deal with in regards to being abused.

You sure are a strong woman Teri Jo, needless to say let no one burst your bubble in any respect.

Speaking of respect, I have a lot more for you than you could wish for, i hope that matters to you.

The poetry is awesome , it revealed a lot, and as a woman “ WE “ know.

This is only my opinion , but i have read many threads the Rev. Fred wrote,

I haven’t commented , lets say i think the world has way too many smart people …. MEAN SPIRITED PEOPLE.

Go way way back, you’ll find comments that help you understand. What i mean here, be you Teri Jo your awesome! See, you always look for the good in people, i do too.

I back away if i see a poisonous situation.