The wedding ring / my princess

Today you arrived, I held my breath.

I counted your fingers and toes…

For one day I knew on that hand you would wear a symbol that changes your name.

For now you are mine , I’ll treasure this time, I’ll hold you as close as I can…

Then when you are grown, I will decide who is worthy to give a new name …but only if he is your prince.

Right now I’m your King, and you have my name ,

A magical life you will lead.

For a princess you are, a princess you’ll be. Forever I’ll grant every wish

So , for now I’ll hold my breath and count fingers and toes until that prince comes along,and then I will give you away,

The look on your face when he takes your hand- will tell me if he is the one, for a prince he must be and rightfully so .

This prince will give that new name

Her finger will show that symbol of love ,and my breath will hold still


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