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Thin Man ,

First, I understand the love of trout fishing. As a child my father was a forestry inspector , we spent two weeks each year in a beautiful state park. The endless Mountains …

He taught me how to fish during my teen years . Early on , he watched as I used a stick / string and safety pin as my tool of choice . ( at 4 , what more could I ask for??)

We always stayed in the main cabin of this park . I loved the Mountains. Both he and my uncle were avid hunts men and fish enthusiasts.

A place nearby known as Eagles Mere had majestic landscape. Also I remember that around my six year women that carried parasols would arrive at the state park and I was so impressed with the rich attire and I had to laugh at their snobbery and elitist attitudes . WTH. At six I could tell either I was out of place or most likely they were. I with my converse sneakers , no socks , a bathing suit and my stick and string ( LOL) yea, I was in my element..

How crazy to be having their umbrella up and flaunting all over with those fancy shamancy outfits of theirs. Well , I never seen them catch a fish or swim in the beautiful waters that were so cool and refreshing . Thank you sir, you brought back a fine memory for me.

Those were the days !

Quick comment on all your comments.. You sound like a great family man with a heck of a lot more knowledge than I shall ever acquire . Of course I shall never need all that. Loving my family is about all I’ll ever need. I wouldn’t mind those cooking skills.

And I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend . Most often good friends are more family than one could have , they say “friends are the family we pick for ourselves”

And keep that memory.. It’s a heads up on everyone!

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