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Thin Man ,

Your predicament is horrendous . I’m on Cobra for 3years . My husband had to switch to the retirement plan.

I felt paying eighteen hundred a month was awful. However Geisinger accepts their payment as paid in full.

Now you understand we are not of the means you are, that still doesn’t make a difference.

I feel so sorry for your dilemma, your Sister is suffering, now your wife.

Lucky you are able to have nursing care, I did Hospice Volunteering and I know clients are grateful. More than grateful( I mean the families)

Here’s a kicker for me . At the time I became disabled I had 27 credit hours of work( I stayed home raising 3 boys,that’s not work lol .)

I needed 28 to get disability! I never got it , I had 10 different health major issues too. And so it goes.

It would have been nice to help us in putting our 3 kids in College. But God provided what we needed( I know , this part is the. *non agreeing * statement you clearly stated to me. But, we did do what we needed to get them through.and I will openly praise God for the help I asked for and received!

Back to you sir … I’m so sorry you need to deal with a lot of jerky work that our Country allows , as laws state.

Fight them Thin Man ! You’ll win

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