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@Thin Man , but if money was divided a bit more fairly , imagine how much more peaceful society could be.

I’d like to see a base in which we were taxed according to how we lived by our purchasing capabilities.

I’d love to see refunds to families that have worked hard in college and Grad school getting A’s instead of drifting by.

Rather than be boggled down with student debt. And excessive child care costs. So they can pay said debts and own a nice home. And pay high tax on this and that…. RANT !

I am tired of paying 1800.oo monthly for heAlth care , and still have deductibles -on retirement funds. Rant !

My take here, HRC and TRUMP haven’t a worry in the world as to paying for ANYTHING ( their deep pockets do take care of that)

I think matching dollar to dollar that the rich make , and the MC ( middle class )do, I would wager to bet more charity is given by the lesser wage earner.

We used to laugh at whenever United Way was listed as getting a large gift from a company my husband worked for.

It was from weekly payroll deduction by the workers ! And if one wanted to be on the good side of management you had better fork over a decent stipend.. We didn’t care who got credit, as long as the money was given in our district for honest support. The perk was management smiled now and then.

I myself don’t need much, but I do want to see those of mine that work hard having a chance at nice things in life. You know like … a yacht ?? Lol

Seriously , just getting a break on taxes would help.

Rant over!

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