Dignity used to be being debt free, not filing bankruptcy, paying your bills on time, etc, etc.
Susan Christiana I can’t advise you on your insurance because you are the best judge of your…
Gerard Mclean

This is our way of life Gerard Mclean , we pay everything , usually early.

I really forgot the fact as to the IRS fine, and I certainly would pay that fee monthly to a Hospital ( same amount as insurance Would cost) because at 64, id keep my dignity , we aren’t looking for * *free * we never did. I’m saying lets gamble this one year. ( that was stupid of me to put down)

And we will start looking for something cheaper than 2120 .00 a month. I hope we find something that’s affordable . Actually after eighteen hundred a month now, WTH had to be something we can find , and pay and hope not use.

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