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Thom Garrett ,

This has me sobbing! I’m wondering if I can respond without wetting up the keyboard on this phone.

Oops, my fingers are sliding all over the surface.

You are a heartfelt writer. I’ll be haunted by this beautiful passage today and ,I believe for quite awhile.

I truly love the passion you had for your Grace. Something so beautiful really needs to get the healing done, and honor Grace by showing that she deserved every bit of love you both shared ( that it was priceless.)

I remember speaking to my husband about carrying on if I didn’t make it. I’m sure both of you afforded that conversation to each other at least once ( most probably more so in your case knowing what was going on.)

I told him “ honor us , by showing others that love is real.” We felt it so beautiful, why not share this type of love again?

Grace had a beautiful name, you made her a beautiful person to all that read your wonderful stories.

Stories do come to an end, it doesn’t mean you can’t pick up that book and share its value to another …

Make sure that it’s someone void of jealousy, someone full of empathy and allows you to say “Grace “ at your table !

Keep writing friend. Your impressive.