This is the reason I gave up Facebook.
Susan Christiana

Today was a day I will long remember.

Of everything I would love to put aside ,and lay it down to rest ..

Today would be that day.

But , Ellen would be humbled!

Funerals usually are the hardest events to go to, and mixed feelings with buckets of tears and sobbing out loud aren’t easy on this old soul.

But Ellen would be humbled!

How is it that someone vibrant and brilliant and beautiful inside and out would be taken from this earth and gone so soon , like a leave that blows in the brisk wind as we experienced today. Gone like the snow that melts in early spring that wasn’t expected. Just like that, Ellen is gone . Very unexpected.

If only she could see the amount of love stored up and flowing into every single seam of that room,

Yes, Ellen would be humbled.

If she heard even one of the beautiful eulogy’s offered and the effect they had on those attending , wow, she’d be filled with the same amount of sunshine she gave to others.

She was a giver, and she got back today. Her children and husband must have felt incredible . Her Mother , her sister and her close family , I can’t imagine their feelings. In their grief , I hope they felt consoled .

Her college friends , her team mates from high school and college , Professors she had .

And then the entire girls hockey Team she coached made us realize how very special a person can be if they are a giver! Ellen had two sons, but many daughters!

Ellen had a feisty side, (a good feisty ) many humorous stories made this day tolerable. Many of us there today learned good lessons in how to live. I pray I took them with me.

This beautiful love filled woman that impressed so many , died in a fire, but she was fiery and passionate about all she did .

Today I was humbled.

And I can’t stop crying !!

We love you Ellen ,

Please listen to *Jealous of the Angels * by Donna Taggert. And think of her.

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