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We’ve experienced thunder while snowing Violet , and lightening too.

Quite scary !⚡️🌨🌩

At least we have snow plow, but at times people had to abandon their cars on the highways. It was really freaky.

We once were driving home from a ski trip. Someone on an over pass dropped a large ice ball on our vehicle. Broke the back window. We were blessed, no one was hurt . Had to drive 60 miles in a deep freeze after a ski trip — I’m surprised our kids kept us. LOL.

Sharon Budd in 2015 was not as fortunate.

Same incident , a 5 lb, ice ball was dropped onto the front windshield of their vehicle.

A cancer survivor, Sharon was strong. You cant imagine how strong . This beautiful 50'ish year young lady had her entire life changed in the minutes it took for an ice ball to crash a windshield.

This story hurts to tell, if you want google her. She lost her husband a few years later, her strength was needed again.

There are no death exemptions. We’re here on hold, and who knows why things happen.

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