Darkness and Light
Wild Flower

Wild Flower , I too cried !

As you can see here, or should I say say *hear * , a great depth of hope reaching out to Izabella. for her healing.

I can’t understand suffering in a child. But in my heart I know there has to be a reason. I don’t like to say that because most people take that wrong . But I can say this , the adults that love her are suffering more so . Let us help by caring and prayer , “storming the heavens kind of prayer “that she be well again.

Did you ever notice that children that have severe illness seem to accept without complaint ? It makes me wonder ..

If I could go back years ago ,and offer all the pain I had for 33 years of the worst head splitting headaches without pain relief , I’d suffer in silence without complaint if I could take away a child’s suffering .

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