Hey Susan.
ιovε, Zev

Zev ,

First , i do not mind that you weigh in on discussion with me and Ivana.

It only adds to different ideas , it reminds me of the group of close friends I associate with , always ready to add an interesting bit of information.

At times I wonder what level of schooling you are in, College, Grad School ?

Your writing skills are really good, I probably wouldn’t be able to match any of your abilities to do book-clubbing , but then again, I could try.

Way back in 1991, I was stay at home mom. I read everything I could. *Oprah *suggestions, friend suggestions and some of the kids college requirements. It was a challenge and fun for me.

At the time brain surgery caused me to be very ADHD . I was fluctuating between 3 books at a time, a very weird sense of anxiety.

Add housework , gardening and kids activities within , nothing got finished.

And then, add a severe thyroid condition , absolutely nothing was accomplished except sleeping.

I am doing so much better now, I want to end the days with a little bit of intellectual reading.

Finding the best of the best on MEDIUM is a sure fix.

I will get AZTEC, because Ivana said it is great. She hasn’t steered me wrong.

Thank you for corresponding Zev , it is very appreciated. “You bring good things to life.”

Just Susan

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