Why I Won’t Support Medium’s New Paid Platform
Sara Lynn Michener

First of all I am waiting to see how Medium responds to your article. I read the link you shared and somehow previously missed this article. This creates a bit of an existential crisis for me as I opted for Medium over the New York Times when I discovered they hired a climate denier to write for them.

I’m not a journalist but read as much as I can. Through Flipboard I read articles from the NYT’s, Washington Post, Huffington Post, NPR and Vice. I use to watch MSNBC (I still love Joy Reid), but, primarily Morning Joe. I began weaning myself off of Morning Joe early in the election when it was clear that Joe and Mika were giving T a platform that was egregious and played a part in T gaining traction early on. I watched a shift in Mika from years past in which she was a staunch supporter of Hillary (Hillary is not the point) only to see this shift towards echoing Joe S’s critique of Democrats. I never thought she was that bright to begin with but then yesterday I lost it when a shining example of news as entertainment emerged. Mika and Joe are engaged! I felt deceived (not that I wasn’t aware of the intentional partnering of the 2 of them by the network-it improved ratings and that was another reason I left). I also read the other day about the upheaval at MSNBC which slowly locked out a fabulously diverse panel of journalists to bring on people from FOX (Greta and Megyn).

I’m going to stick with Medium because as Ezinne shared your piece, I await to see how Medium responds. I love many of the writers, including Ezinne and hope this grows into a forum of fact checking and integrity. Otherwise, T and his cabal have succeeded in their perpetual attempt to discredit “news and media” for all of us. “V is for Vendetta” is becoming less science fiction and more of a reality everyday. For now, I will watch Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, John Oliver and Joy Reid. Yes, 3 political comedians and satirists.