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I am with you mostly; shoot I don’t know? I appreciate your argument against and example of “James”. What I can’t get over is the fact that reporters and reporting always start the immigration story with “brown people” rather than the fact that all whites…ALL, every last one, are descendents of immigrants! What frustrates me here and in so many journalistic responses to ‘who is America?’ is the rare mention of indigenious people of our land who by the way exist in large numbers but are rarely reported on. The hate, the destruction and the horrors done to indigenous communities seems unknown or purposely overlooked. There are people who believe that ‘Native Americans’ don’t exist! Perhaps white people/Christians/missionaries who feel they have been left out should have community organizers gather ‘their people’ and give a history of what their ancestors as immigrants did to the original people of this country. Of course, people like ‘James’ if he knows history, will cite something like ‘manifest destiny’ which essentially put a stake in our soil-claiming the United States of America and in the hearts of anyone who rejected Christianity thus making invisible many of the Indigenous people at the time until the present day.

Can we include the leaders of our original people in these discussions? Learn about the atrocities done by missionaries and Jesuit boarding schools affecting living descendents whose parents and grandparents were affected by forced assimilation.

And brown immigration did not start with Mexicans and Asians though the disdain as demonstrated by “James” for anyone who is not white or Christian in America is ugly and vile! So, my problem is that in order to talk about immigrants, ALL whites struggling or not ARE IMMIGRANTS or ancestors of IMMIGRANTS!

For a different viewpoint go to “The Love Life of An Asian Guy” on Facebook and read his response to “The Despair of Poor White Americans”. You can’t read the article without the analysis.