Befriending Becky: On The Imperative Of Intersectional Solidarity
The DiDi Delgado

I loved your article. I hate white woman and I’m white. My incredible daughter (white/Native American/Black) has taught me so much that I am in my infancy of understanding the depth of my privilege and equally important the privilege of white feminists collectively-especially who can’t seem to grasp their own privilege. In the Preface of Janet Helms book ‘Race is a Nice Thing to Have…’ she says, “For racism to disappear in the United States, White people must take responsibility for ending it”. I thought I understood and was an ally until my daughter ‘cracked me open’ and taught me I wasn’t truly an ally.

I’m incredibly political, attended the March, (want to frame the photo of Angela Peoples) but most importantly feel a bit like I am floating on an island in my ‘never to late’ realization that “I, Racist”. I’ve lost white friends of many years (sadly women who consider themselves advocates and activists) and just yesterday after adding my daughter (per invitation of one of the moderators) to a FB moderator site, “Impeach Donald Trump Now” with close to 42,000 followers (I was randomly contacted in March to moderate because I frequently posted on the site and there was a high demand of requests needing vetting) both me and my daughter were suddenly blocked without explanation.

Lots of people reposted my posts on the site and I was quite passionate about the collective goal of the group which is to ‘save this country from disaster’. A conversation on the moderator site took place about native land and my daughter made comments and asked questions. Suddenly it got to uncomfortable for the person who originally invited me to be a moderator and we were both blocked. BOOM! It was so bizarre. So, that’s where I’m at!

Like in the photo above where Angela Peoples is invisible to the women in the pussy hats, my eyes are wide open and I no longer care about acceptance or consequences to the white community. I am working everyday to post, read, share, write, advocate, participate and talk to white people about privilege. I regret that I never spoke about it or understood ‘white privilege’ at a conscious level for most of my life.

I can’t include the screenshots from the conversation on the moderator site here, but I can share with you what my daughter posted on her FB page after we were both blocked:

“White fragility strikes again!!!! LMFAO!!!! Not too long ago my Mom was asked to be a moderator for the group Impeach Donald Trump Now! After being told by the moderator (who added her) that she should/could add me as a MOD, Mama Sue asked me if this was something I would get ‘in trouble’ for (ya’ll know why) and I said maybe, but that I’d have to think about it and take another look at the group before deciding. To give me an ‘introduction’ to the individuals moderating the group, she added me to a PM thread between all of the moderators and admin. My comments below (the only ones I made) led to me being ‘Removed from the Thread’ and my Mom’s revocation as a moderator. Hahahahahahaha!! I CAN’T MAKE THIS SH*T UP!!”

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