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This is a great article with history I was unaware of. But, I’m so angry…no amount of heartfelt prayer, focusing on “what would Jesus do?” or religious leaders messaging their view of the bible will help. Activism might. But, having grown up as a “devout” Catholic, and after being rejected or condemned by the church and a priest I sought for guidance; and then continuing to search through other religious communities I’ve come to the conclusion that religion has historically been at the center of goodness but in recent decades in this country, in Syria, and around the world has become bastardized and evolved into tools/weaponry that is used punitively to towards the “other”, for political purposes (i.e. women’s rights and health) and exclusively as if each religion were a country club. Whether Christ was real or a character that evolved over centuries, the kind version of his life that I came to know looked nothing like the way our religions and their leaders are preaching about him today. The same applies to Muhammad, Abraham and others. I know there are good religious leaders out there on the front lines of social justice whose focus is not to proselytize or recruit membership. None of what I am witnessing today is “what Jesus would do”. In my imagination I can only see him crying buckets of tears for people who use his name in vain by wishing the destruction of the planet, it’s people and wildlife; by using his name in vain to gain financially; by using his name in vain to take away rights and freedoms of the most vulnerable; by using his name in vain to spew hate and lies and so on.