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“Give a monkey control of its environment, and it will fill the world with bananas. (Moffatt, 1985)” This insightful quote is from an episode of my wife’s favourite TV series, namely Doctor Who. However, I feel this phrase really sums up humanity’s problem with their own environment.

It was likely an inspirational moment when a primordial specimen of our species first discovered the power of tools. …

Star Trek: From Picard to Picardo, and back

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Credit: Pete Markham

When I was a child my father used to say, “I can’t watch Sci-Fi. There are too many ray guns, actors with weird makeup and completely unbelievable technologies”. Of course, I felt quite the opposite. I really wanted to see strange, interesting things and let my imagination roam in a proposed technologically advanced human future. In fact, my earliest childhood memory was of sitting in my high chair watching an episode of Lost in Space on the Syfy channel.

Although my father was referring to Sci-Fi in general, it was Star Trek that we were most likely discussing. In the late sixties, this show featuring the human exploration of space by the crew of the Star ship Enterprise attracted huge viewership and publicity. Its pointy-eared character Mr Spock led to “Spockmania” (Burr, 2015) which, in turn, yielded several album releases by Leonard Nimoy. In the original series, some of the worlds have been united into a federation that share democratic goals, for which humans are a peacekeeping force. …

When I was a child, I regarded the world as something of a huge playground, full of exciting possibilities and adventure. Even very simple things like sitting in the garden with my parents in summer are now very nostalgic memories for me, because at the time even the tiniest things were fascinating.

My father, on the other hand, was a strangely shut-in and private man, who often found it difficult to unwind. One notable exception was when he was listening to music which, along with beer, acted as his medication. …


Susan Day

Susan Day is an aspiring writer with roots in musical composition/production and technology.

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