I’m not trying to justify killing an innocent human being at all.
J Paul Daigle

I must have missed something? When did I say I didn’t want to stop the poverty equation? Why are you continuing to dodge the topic? We weren’t talking about poverty, we were talking about abortion. Speaking of Poverty, Planned Parenthood’s targets and hurts poor black women. Planned Parenthood is like the Veterans Administration, only Planned Parenthood is actually efficient at abortion.

Of course you are making a pro-choice argument, a very weak one. Why are you assuming I am escaping anything? You know nothing about me. Everything you have said is either not true or is based on assumptions.

The mother is responsible for taking care of the baby once the baby is born. There are many organizations that will provide help to single mothers, etc. If the mother cannot take care of the baby with all of the resources available to her then she can place the baby for adoption. I have contributed my time and money to these services that help the women that decide to keep their babies. All of this aside, you still cannot kill a human being because someone thinks they cannot provide for them. What if a mother has three children and then all of the sudden loses her income? Is she then free to kill her children because she cannot provide for her children? Again, there is never a justification to kill an innocent human being, ever. Abortion is an intrinsic evil. I doesn’t matter how many hypothetical scenarios you come up with or how much you try to place the blame on me or others, you can never justify killing an innocent baby. If a poor mother who cannot support her baby chooses an abortion she will still be a poor mother but with a dead baby. Nothing will have changed except she now will have to live with the pain and the burden of killing her child for the rest of her life. Most women have not been warned about and are completely unprepared for the psychological consequences of abortion.

Abortion is never a solution and it is not a choice.

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