The entertainment exponent Marc West a 19 year old who has become a phenomenon in social networks. He counts with thousands of fans who follow him in the digital world and are witnesses of every step taken by the artist .

He publishes daily images of his life on stage, recording studios, trips and with his family. However, although it seems that documents everything, there is something that Marc keeps with suspicion. It is about his family and his private life, which he describes as “sacred”.

“My family is the engine of my life, hence the love for art. My family is something very sacred. My home has been part of my personal growth and it must be clear that my home is my refuge, “said the exponent born in Havana, Cuba.

It was precisely his family who brought him closer to the music industry. The exponent was very young when he told his relatives, he wanted to enter the world of entertainment.

“One day I got up and told myself that I wanted to sing and that I needed to get into a recording studio. I grew up with music which greatly influenced his love of music.

From his musical influences, he also stressed that salsa and bolero was instilled by his parents.

“My parents listened to salsa and I grew up with that. In fact, my favorite singers were Celia Cruz and La Lupe. That’s why I start with a little bit with the “soneo” due to his latin rhythms. I started to develop that artistic vein out there and that’s where the urban genre also comes from, “he added.

About his roots in social networks explained that it must be authentic and genuine.

Fame and success commented that although it is clear that he is very young, he knows very well this is where he belongs but does not see himself all the time living between planes and high society events.

“It’s not worth having a lot of money and not enjoying life.” Obviously I do not have a number in my head and that’s why I have my feet firmly on the ground. I believe that life will show me new opportunities. I have not stopped for two years ,I do not have vacations. “, Said the exponent who in the future wants to be an example for youth but also stated that it is necessary to once in a while stop everything and take a break, it’s crucial to keep a balanced healthy life.

In line to develop in other fields of the industry noted that he has just created his own company. The company Marc West Enterprises. will develop his career, as well as to offer services to the community. Offer management, representation, hiring and artistic talent, being conformed by a professional team of producers and high caliber executives. In the different areas of entertainment, including cinema, television, music, personal presentations, theater, books, commercial endorses, sports marketing, works marketing and charities, as well as corporate consulting.