“Lord, my prayer for Israel is that he might be saved…”

“There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel’s veins, and sinners plunged beneath that flood, lose all their guilty sins.” Why is it that these words ring so clear and yet are so powerless to clear the guilty on death row? I can maim like a madman; but when it comes to saying, “I’m sorry,” the cat’s got my tongue. — Why is it so hard to repent of wrong doings? Why do I have to keep falling and falling into the same stupid, miserable sins? Am I really that bad? Is there a way out of this angering situation and still be saved in Jesus Christ?

I prayed to God; but it seems He still hasn’t heard me? Or maybe I haven’t prayed hard enough? Maybe I need to fast? Have these thoughts ever crossed your mind? I know they have inside of me. The best thing to do is search your innermost soul, to see if any of these methods ring a bell, or seem like a feasible solution. Do you honestly think this will help you on your quest to meet God? The thing about life is, if you haven’t yet learned to be honest with yourself, you will never succeed at any endeavor whether it be simple or hard.

I’ve ran the scenario in my mind a few times…Analyzed the unproven; and over and over again the voice of reason keeps telling me it’s no use, just go with the flow…So I did. Then, I realized it was this verse: “Agree with thine enemy quickly, lest thou be found in the way.”

Are my enemies that close at hand that I must agree to every thought that crosses my brain?! How can this be??? I have boggled over this and finally came to the realization that I am a growing individual, and that sometimes the thoughts that come into my mind are not always mine, but a neighbors or a friend’s; but this will not deter my growth in the least bit, no, it’s just a part of being a pioneer in an ever flourishing economy. — Right?

Don’t be alarmed that you hear other people’s voices inside your head. This will happen a lot; until you are strong enough to be on your own. Most times, our parents want what is best for us and get frustrated when they have not been able to give it. Just trust in your ultimate Maker, God, to help you at this time. Trust that He is able to pull you through right now. Our earthly parents mean well, but they are so deficient that we are left to flail. Just follow your heart, and God will guide.

I remember a tale I heard about in WWII, two kids were left inside a house alone. The Nazi’s were making their rounds and soon, it would reach them. The elder sister took her younger brother into a cupboard and told him to stay quiet and put until the German soldiers had left. She was going to go somewhere to find help. She locked him in that cupboard and took the key with her. When she had gotten back, the house door was open and no brother was to be found inside that cupboard…She panicked and then she prayed. We know from the book that she met her brother later on, after they had grown, in Paris. The morale of the story is, don’t be so caught up in the here and now. Look through faith at the future, and how God will work miracles for his people.

Just believe in the situation at hand even though it doesn’t seem perfect. Trust that God knows what He is doing. Remember that it is not we ourselves who turns the world, but God, Who giveth to all men liberally, and up-braids not. He it is Who hardens the hearts of men and softens. If you have lived right before Him, be sure, He will care for you!