The War of the What?!

Clones? Where? I will leave you to determine for yourself what is going on with that: Blood wars? Where? Ohhh, I get it! But why would they go berserk on us? Is the food really that polluted to have driven them to insanity? Or is it something else? Who are the real humans and who are the clones, and what does this all mean? Are we going to have a Civil War? Is Jesus going to come and save us all? Why all the anger and panic? Someone knows something…What could it be?

I was sitting down on my desk pondering all these many things going through my mind. The frustration of helplessness. Feeling powerless to help my own. And the anger and sorrow welling up inside when I saw how evil the enemy had become. Then, I cried unto God, “Are there good people still alive? Can you show me? And can you save me and my daughter?”

Then, I turned on the T.V. and lo, and behold, to my surprise, He did show me the battle going on between good and evil…like I had woken from a deep slumber and here we were in the very same house, warring about the same issues at hand…What am I to do now, Lord? Do I run? Do I fight? Are these things scripted or are they verbatim? Is it real or is it just demons talking? What are they conversing about? What could this all mean? Are they trying to strike another big War? Oh no! Please. We can’t take another one. Please, Lord, spare us!

When I was born, I was born observing my surroundings. By nature, a watcher…but I have seen far too many things that I do not want to speak about. Will these things ever cease? How is this kind of knowledge going to help me? It won’t. We just have to enlist in the cause the best we can. The best we know how. The war may be invisible now, but soon it will spread globally until every single person is involved. Until all have taken a stance for or against the evil. What could the evil force be that we are fighting? Is it a single entity? An individual? Is it Satan? Or is it issues we can fix? Is it both? The Bible says, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood; but against spiritual wickedness in high places.” What does this mean? Is Satan a real being or just in our minds? Have we given ourselves over to the dark side and thus become evil? Are we naturally evil? Is this why we need Christ? Why do we need to ask God for help? There are so many answers to that question; but ultimately we need God because this world is too hard and too strong for us to overcome alone.

Kind of like a child, crying for food, or when it is lonely or bored. Kind of like a little girl, asking her father for a hand because she has fallen in the sand. Is our heavenly Father the same way? Is He full of love and compassion like an earthly Father, or is He like Hitler, a dictator, that tells us what to do and what not to do? Remember the Bible says, “God is love,” and if He is love, then He is all these things and more. He really doesn’t want any to perish; but all to come to repentance. But more importantly, how can we as, God’s people, help others understand the importance of the gospel and the necessity of obeying His precepts?

“Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get until you bite into one.” That means most of us learn through experience. It’s a difficult teacher; but it does the trick. We have all become so hard-headed through whatever it may be, sin, the wrong diet, friends, bad habits; but it doesn’t mean we can’t be delivered. “For with God, all things are possible.” Just believe. Just ask God to deliver you. We must reach out to Him, if we are to be saved. Do it today, for your family’s sake, for your wife’s sake, for the sake of the one you love so dearly. Christ is inviting you to not wait; but be happy now, so that someday, we can be with Him in paradise. It isn’t just a fake place of fantasy. It is real. Embrace the cross, my Lord has spoken.

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