Hey guys/gals,
I was lookin’ at the computer screen and all of a sudden it imploded! I was thinkin’ about sueing these guys at Samsung, but then I thought to myself, they are probably going to come find me and kill me, so I didn’t. But anyways, I hope that new game, Overwatch, is exciting because when I first tried it at my cousin Sue’s house, it sucked. She has a sucky ass computer and lives in filth and poverty. I just can’t stand her! We aren’t blood, but my brother’s wife’s sister is her cousin. I wanted to ask cousin Sue to come over here with me but she is ugly and fat, so I changed my mind. O well, that’s how it goes sometimes guys/gals…(cry and sniffle…)(sigh from frustration…) Okay, so guys, it’s really not easy being so fat and free but hey, what can you do, that’s America! Also, I love my country. Even though sometimes it doesn’t seem like it because I’m always complaining about the system and my husband doesn’t love me anymore…But that’s okay guys, because that’s also life, and my father always told me, never give up, so I won’t! One time, I was watching people at the airport and this hot girl winked at me, and I yelled back at her, “You fucking bitch! Don’t ever wink at me again!” I hate when people come on to me when I’m not in the mood. I will fucking slap a bitch if she ever tries to suck my nuts when I’m sleepy or hungry. And don’t ever bother me while I’m playing World of Warcraft or else I’ll fucking break your nose. And that’s basically all. (laugh…then smile…) Um, guys, I’m running out of words…Help me…Okay, bye-bye for now guys/gals…BYEEEE…eee...eee……ee.

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