A Relationship With Our Minds Over 50

By Susan “Honey” Good

My mind is constantly whirling and twirling with a million thoughts. I dream of going off to an island with my ultimate concierge, my pooch Orchid and my laptop, so you and I can stay in touch.

I used to walk out my back door when I lived in Honolulu and pick papayas off my tree to serve my late husband and children at breakfast. Then I would take a four mile walk with a man named Ben, older than my father and in better shape than I was. He was a lawyer and professor and on our daily walk, I got an education. When I would come home, the girls were off at school and I’d feel the trade winds flowing through the rooms as I ran upstairs with my pooch Mahalo behind and jump into the shower to start my day.

My day consisted of reading, lunch with girlfriends and running a charitable group as a volunteer. I rarely shopped, who needed clothes on the island? I wore little make-up, had a year round tan and got few haircuts because I wore my hair long. I was 39 years old when I moved to Honolulu.

Today, I am 30+ years older and my day is filled to the brim. I am up in the kitchen at 5:30 am, making a fresh pot of coffee and giving Orchid her meds before sitting down to write my musings. Three days a week at 8 am, Jeffrey appears at my door for an hour workout. Then I have breakfast with my ultimate concierge, feed Orchid, take a delightful shower, make phone calls to family and friends, schedule evening dates, text the grands and email my girlfriends and my girls at Honeygood.com. This all takes place before 10 am — and there are a million other little things that pop up.

Living in the city, I do need great outfits. Do I have time? No. I do need make-up. Do I have time? No. I run into my favorite shops and the first thing I say, “I am rushing.” When I meet my friends twice a week for lunch and cards, I am always the last to arrive… though I swear I try to be on time because everyone I know is important to me and I am not rude — I am just alway so busy, I’m always rushing.

I have become a chronic rusher in body and mind. You see my mind is rushing too. It is filled with plans, ideas, what if’s, should I’s, happy thoughts, dates, children, 25 grands, my homes, my pooch, my darling husband and my website.

I have to chalk it up to this — I lead a charmed life because my mind is filled with many questions, goals and dreams.

I know I will put up with my rushing syndrome because I can’t help myself. It is the cat’s meow, even with all the drama.

Dear readers, keeping busy is worthwhile. Go for your goals. Go for your dreams. It is never too late. You have to circulate to percolate.

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