Ecom Income Blueprint Review — My Honest Opinion About This Amazon Selling Course

Sometimes you are misinformed and in recent years the internet has showcase countless schemes and blueprints that is either scam or later stopped working. Though many of this bad materials have caused havoc than the good they can do, because some have harnessed the irrationality of others to enrich their purse with people’s hard earned money. Making money online is one of the best way of trying to extrude out of financial barriers, and many schemes and online courses have promised much more that what they can deliver. So newbies in this industry has labelled it “A big Scam!!!”

Apparently, it’s not and fortunately some of this blue prints works and deliver benefits even far greater than what you imagined possible. That’s why i have taken time to test the Ecom Income Blueprints which has proven even more that just being exultant.

Learn how to build an online business selling on Amazon with Ecom Income Blueprints. Coming across this course and learning the models in it is one thing, what’s most important is grasping the opportunity and harnessing the power of this course. This excellent course is made and packaged by Nick Tsai –founder, Ecom Income Blueprint and Peter Adkins –Project Manager in Nick’s Team.

Basically the Ecom Income Blueprint offer exclusive, well packaged and self-taught courses that teaches mainly how Amazon business model works. So putting your trust on this course is like putting money where your mouth is. Let us quickly guide you through various sections of this course.

The Ecom Income Blueprint is like a grappling iron which is also a tool with several hooks attached to a single long rope or like a tree with several branches, this course is consist of four(4) modules namely:

  1. Module 1- setting up the basic
  2. Module 2 -product researching done right
  3. Module 3 — listing optimization
  4. Module 4 — Amazon SEO quick plan

Module 1 setting up the basic

This first part of module 1 is the intro which gives an insight of what the whole course is all about an also welcome you to the family. I mean the world of Ecom Income Blueprint and the second part covers the visual outline of this course and also gives a clear picture on what you should be expecting. The other parts of this module explains the all the steps to becoming a merchant on Amazon and how the whole models works and also how to setup an Amazon selling account with an overview of other services like Payoneer, MailboxFowrading and Grasshopper and many more.

Module 2 product researching done right

This section is grouped into 6 parts and the first one explains how importing business for Amazon works, ways in which you can structure your business, Nick also revealed his own preferred way of doing business and the quick ways of calculating import taxes.

Knowing the right to source for products is essential so as to make the most profit out of your business, it’s a must knowing how to look for the highest quality merchandise. This and many other thing were discussed in the second part of module 2.

The third part of module 2 opened our eyes to how research can be done before we start collecting potential product ideas and that it’s important to get well acquainted with the rather long list of restricted products on Amazon and the varying referral fees according to each category.

Part 4 of this module stressed out challenges faced and how to overcome them on the issue of product ideas. Beginning out from scratch can be stressful, most times when you’re making efforts to find the perfect product to sell. So Nick took his time to show us more than a couple of pages online that can help you take that first step and create yourself a list of potential winners. Online resources, free tool, paid tools and advanced tools are what was embedded in this module.

Other parts includes Product research tool, where Nick made us to understand that before you start selling, you must do a thorough research and make sure that you make the right choice, that is, the one that will bring you the most profit. Risking it is not an option when it comes to selling merchandise. Advanced research tool and Negotiating with supplier are the last parts of module 2 which shows how to master the art of business negotiation.

Module 3 listing optimization

This is not a new concept either. It’s a very well proven concept as it entails how you want to present your products. You want your product to have a grandstand so as to get even more than desired sales and make maximum profit. Various lessons in this module treats that. The first part explains how you can create an outstanding sales page, considering the fact that your sales page is the best ad you can have and also that great sales page can boost sales more than anything else. The second lesson in this module is about keyword researching because it ranks your product to the top of search engine results. Imaging you typed your product’s name on Google, Bing or yahoo and your page on amazon is shown first, that’s definitely an edge above your competitors.

The third lesson is a practical example of a product listing for a particular product, I mean a real-life example. And the forth lesson is on learning how you can optimize you sales page by analysing some of the best performing product to see how well they are doing. The last parts which is lesson 5 explain the awesome power of positive reviews and 5star ratings which is a catalyst for perfect sales boost. See how to get these positive reviews easily and quickly on Ecom income blueprint.

Module 4 Amazon SEO quick plan

This last section is important to every business regardless of your niche or industry “Advertisement”.

Techniques of advertising your products to boost sales even 10x more than expected results are in the fourth module.

The Ecom Income Blueprint also offer more products like AMZ Business Jumpstart book which is an e-book that teaches all the basic info and tutorial on how you can become an amazon seller quickly and its completely free. They also offer another product that comes with this course which is “Dropship Income Starter Kit” learn more about this on

More so, you can also find other products that are just what you need to succeed in this industry. Without a further ado just follow think link and get started.

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I bet you won’t regret this, this is just the perfect answer you need to break beyond your limit financially. With clear pronunciations and good sentences, this excellent instructors have exuded confidence in the way they teach. So brace yourself for impact as you are about to hit beyond milestones. Buy that dream car, get a house in that your dream place because Nick has just handed to you your dream ticket.

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Botton Lin :A Program Worth A Try

I personally love this course very much , and i think you should give it a shot,

the course isn’t pricy and you are protected with their 30 days money back guarantee, it’s a no-brainer to give it a try

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