You indeed have a say in the matter but NOT as much money as the CORPORATIONS who can now spill all…
jean claude

But “the people” can ferret out the lobbiest factor and yell and scream about it — by removing their support of the influence-buyers. If the people were serious enough, they would boycott using goods that help the wealthy gangstas. If the people would put their heads together and just stop “using” the corporations would teeter and totter. I can see people doing this to Monsanto, for instance. Plenty more like the convenience and immediacy of products like RoundUp (including some people I love a lot.) But the story gets around and the medical results creep into the picture and the ugliness gets revealed. I’m not sure the plastics people have not put us out of business with the choking of our seas, and I’m not sure we are not again at war with the tribes we made promises to. But people notice these things. But not fast enough. It’s still so nice to use baggies and Roundup. Quick and easy. Let the seas choke and the natural seeds morph into aliens — it isn’t hurting them much yet. We are slaves to our many creature comforts and wink at ugliness.