I’m drawn to watercolor paintings, now I’d love too visit this magnificent little house you’ve…
Susan Christiana

How wonderful to hear from you, Susan Christiana! Yes, rural delivery is a dicey business in the snow and ice. I will confess that my little second-hand jeep that I bought when I first began delivering mail was MUCH BETTER in the snow than the boxy newfangled official trucks were. I think the new trucks were especially designed by people who thought all roads were on the flat places. I have some horror stories about snow and ice driving which turned out okay, but they were certainly inconvenient, and one of them almost lost me my job. Who knew that the “out” part of a loop driveway led down a mossy hill? The brakes were of no avail. I ended up having “remedial lessons”, which turned out fine.

The little places on mountainsides are very special — and very often the inhabitants are sweet and gentle, earthy people. One gets to see whole families evolve over a period of years — the babies grow up and start getting mail!

So good to hear from you. I’ll love reading your stories. And hope you explore the hidey places and find special little houses that are simply Paintable!