I had never heard of Patreon, Susan, but perhaps you had. What do you think?
jean claude

I had to look it up. Sounds like what Mike Essig is using to earn a few bucks from people “who can afford it.” That’s what his posts say, politely, at the bottom. There are a lot of us who are really living on not much income. If a person was so inclined to keep putting out writing to get some income, there would be nothing wrong with that, would there?

Personally, I find that if I am writing for a patron, my writing becomes tight and worried. Same with art. One commission for a portrait just about killed me. It made me sick. I was terrified that it would not work — and that was a self fulfilling prophesy. So I am not good at commission, or even “busking”. Cramps my freedom. But I would do it if it didn’t disagree with me so.

At least at art fairs, you are there with your stuff, and are used to people not stopping at your booth. It’s regular! Some stop, some don’t.

What do you think about it?

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