The Crippling Fear of Medical Poverty
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Thank you, Holly. You speak the truth. It’s a terrifying truth. Right here in the suburbs there are people who are walking that tightwire. And the only way I am not as terrified is that I worked in a civil service job for a number of years which allows for Federal Part D coverage for me in my retirement. I receive less than $12,000 per year, though, by the time insurance has been taken out of my so-called retirement income (SS and Fed Ins Part D). I am fortunate to have family. I could apply for welfare, but we gang up together when the chips are down. Thank God for family.

Hospitals are part of the ring-around-the-rosy that plays the game “Get more income from Medicare.” If the nation would somehow find a way to be “family” for ourselves and create a demand for co-op plans for health needs, we could keep ourselves more healthy, which would benefit everyone…or is it everyone? Who benefits from the game of “let’s get more money from the Feds.” Pharma? Hospital enterprises? Testing labs. And we COULD be asking “is this test necessary”. It pays the medical community to order tests — the more the better, just as it pays the pharmaceutical firms to get us sick enough to require their products (which may not even be safe sometimes.

So thank you for asking these questions and exposing these truths.

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