This is where it gets difficult.
Biko Mandela Gray

Biko, I do know about that. I am not unaware of what you’re saying and my seminary education was a real eye-opener and I continue to seek eye-opening. Not always easily but I am trying.

I understand you’ve been steeped at least in how white people have always wanted to think about themselves and others. And yes, you are right , Christians have squared off against one another more often than not.

But we aren’t supposed to. Let’s not baptize that.

How am I “doubling down on” people who live struggle every day? That’s certainly not my intention. My desire was to question (and argue with) assertions about the white church that I think are not true, and not helpful…and about segregated churches, which is a subject more complicated than presented. And that’s important because the conclusion to Daniel’s piece was to write the white church off.

What I feel is, that the only way one can be considered a respectful white person, is to never say anything. But then, of course, we are wrong because we’re being quiet.