An Open Letter to the Craftivism Movement
Julia Feliz

Ellen Luckett Baker, I agree with Julia Feliz, Joana Gomes and Tamlin Mills. Just STOP centering yourself and other white people. The only time the discussion should ever focus on white people is when the topic is on who the oppressors are. When talking about the victims of white supremacy, if you are white, your only job is to support and lift the voices of POC, and save your criticisms for other white people. Use your energy to educate other white people, instead of sapping the energy of POC, by saying clueless things that force a response from them. Their job is not to educate you or to have to be the sounding board for your micro-aggressions. They already have the world on their shoulders, so why are you adding to their burden, instead of helping to lift the burden that white people created, in the first place. If you want to engage in useful anti-racism work, don’t be the white person slinging the racism and micro-aggressions at POC, but be the white person who responds to the white people slinging it, so that the POC does not have to.

It is YOUR (OUR, since I am white) job to educate the white women who voted for Trump, not Julia’s job.

YOU (again, WE, since I am white), are the one, not Julia, to listen to the cluelessness of newbie Craftivists who are finding their activist voices.

No, we most decidedly should not allow space for all opinions and causes. Safe spaces for black people, POC, women, LGBTQ, disabled people, etc., means that the space is not open to the people who endanger them.

When oppressed groups speak their truth and you are a member of the group that has historically, and continues to, oppress them, questioning their lived experience IS racist, so please stop doing it.

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