With Mueller Closing In, Trump Said To Be Planning “Big League Global Distraction”
Allan Ishac

for some reason, i cannot respond to your last message. i am well aware that “truth in satire” is at the top of every post. that’s not what i am talking about. i’m referring to how the headline appears in people’s inboxes. i am referring to how it appears on the front page of medium. people are stupid, gullible, and lazy. not everyone hits the link, which is what you have to do to see that it is satire. and which is why i advocate prefacing the headline that you write so that it appears in inboxes with the first word being “satire.”

that is not really very difficult.

allan, you have a great gift. you are a talented writer and satirist. but “from him who has been given great gifts, much is expected.” really, i’m not even asking for much.

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