Dear George Clooney, Shut Up
Laurel Brett

i watch and listen to hillary and see none of the so-called off-putting mannerisms and habits that seemed to unindear her to so many during the campaign. (yes, i made up the word “unindear.” sue me.)

what i see and hear is a proud, articulate, knowledgeable woman who is confident that she knows what she is talking about. what i see is a caring woman who is a wonk for policy because she knows that through policy, people are cared for, as is the democratic system itself.

as difficult as it is — and i maintain that no man can know how difficult it is for a woman to see trump loom threateningly over her in the second debate (and no offense to my male friends, but trust me on this: you are the lucky ones, not fully knowing what i’m talking about)— i watch and listen and see and hear a woman who cared so much about coherently presenting her ideas that she was able to continue her explanations and to stay calm and steady despite his menacing presence behind her.

thank you for this essay.

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